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For Resolution Life, the purchase of Voya Financial’s life insurance business is an opportunity to add a great company with a solid reputation to our group. We like the business, know the business, and value the people who have been running it. The business will provide Resolution Life with a solid foundation for growth in the United States.

Resolution Life’s core business is the acquisition and management of life insurance and annuity businesses and portfolios that focus on existing (also known as in-force) customers. We have the experience, expertise and track record, along with the local management team and board of directors, to manage Voya Financial’s life insurance and annuity business and provide policy and contract owners with high-quality customer service.

Yes, transaction approvals were obtained from several state insurance and other applicable regulators after a rigorous review of Resolution Life’s financial strength and ability to ensure policyholder security.

Security Life of Denver and Midwestern United Life Insurance Company will maintain their licenses in all states where they are currently licensed and will be regulated under the same state insurance rules as currently exist for these companies.

No, customers will not incur any fees resulting from the transaction.

For the foreseeable future, Resolution Life is focused on servicing the existing needs of policyholders and keeping the promises that were made to them when they took out their existing policies and contracts.

Resolution Life

Resolution Life is a global life insurance group focusing on the acquisition and management of portfolios of life insurance policies. The company has operations in London, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Bermuda, serving millions of policyholders. Our current Resolution Life business was established in 2018 to pursue a global business. Our expertise is in the long-term global management of legacy life insurance portfolios.

Since September 2018, we have raised over US$3 billion in capital. Resolution Life’s investors include some of the world’s leading financial institutions and Voya Financial is one of our investors.

Resolution Life Group is a relatively new company and is currently unrated. Following the acquisition, Resolution Life Group intends to obtain a rating from a major rating agency. Resolution Life Group intends to target an operating level of capital consistent with an investment grade rating.

Our mission is to provide a safe and stable environment for the management of in-force life insurance policies. We aim to be the partner of choice for insurers in mature insurance markets who are seeking to take significant restructuring actions to address legacy issues, improve their return on equity and position themselves for future growth. Our goal is to build a large, highly respected life insurance group operating across multiple mature markets, which is a strong counterparty to the primary life insurance industry. Over the past 17 years, we have successfully built and operated several Resolution Life companies.

Our businesses have raised and invested over US$16 billion of equity in the acquisition, reinsurance, consolidation and management of 30 life insurance companies. Together, these companies have served the needs of more than 12.6 million policyholders while safely managing upwards of US$354 billion in assets supporting these policies.

Insurance policy and Annuity Contract Management

No changes are being made as a result of the acquisition. The terms and conditions of all policies will remain the same. Resolution Life is committed to providing policyholders with quality investment management, great customer service and efficient claims management.

No, not at this time. Payments should be made in the same manner as you do currently.

Policies will continue to be managed by the same life insurance management teams that currently service them.

Continue to access information for your account through the current methods that you do today. If those methods change in the future, Resolution Life will communicate with you before any changes are made and instruct you on how to access policy or contract information.

Please continue to contact us through the existing channels, including phone numbers and addresses. Any future changes to this will be communicated to you in advance.

Your current broker/agent relationship will remain the same.

Please keep all information regarding your policy or contract from all sources in a safe place and review any questions with your broker/agent.

If your policy or contract was part of the transaction, it will be serviced by Resolution Life. The customer service team has not changed, and you can continue to contact us through the existing channels, including phone numbers and addresses, and access information for your account through the current methods that you do today.

The terms and conditions of your existing life policy or annuity contract will not change. If your policy or contract terms and conditions permit you to make changes — for example, to apply for additional coverage or exercise an available exchange or conversion option — those options will still be available pursuant to the terms of your contract.

Contact your broker/agent to get advice that is right for you or call us for help in understanding the changes you can make to your policy.

If you have already applied to make changes to a policy, the application will be handled in the same way – and by the same team – as it is today.

Closure of the sale will have no impact on the claims or servicing process. The same processes and procedures will apply, and you will continue to work with the same team.

We are committed to providing our policyholders with competitive premiums, great customer service and efficient claims management. That said, we appreciate change can be unsettling and we respect that you may wish to understand your options. Speak to your broker/agent before making a decision about any changes to your policy or contract or switching life insurance or annuity provider.

Privacy is very important to Resolution Life and the company maintains appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information. Resolution Life complies with all applicable privacy laws. For more information, please see our privacy notice, available to you when you log in to your account.