Geraldine Sebe joined Resolution Life in July 2019. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and applied economics and a master’s degree in corporate finance and financial engineering. Geraldine works as a manager within our strategy and growth team.

What attracted you to Resolution?

For me, life insurance — even though it doesn’t seem glamorous and can be an industry hard to grasp — is really an important aspect of how we plan our lives and ensure our loved ones are protected.

You can see there’s a need to modernise the life insurance industry in terms of product offering, distribution and risks insured. However, behind every policy, you have real people, relying on their insurance for retirement or protection. Resolution is here to help the industry make this shift towards modernisation, by ensuring these policyholders are not left behind and have their rights and protection safeguarded.

When I interviewed with Resolution, I was really impressed with the quality of the management team. It’s also a well-known and recognized brand in the closed book life industry.

What career path do you have at Resolution?

I definitely see a career path as we’re just at the beginning of our journey. I’m part of the team which looks at how we can grow the company – the strategy, funding, acquisitions and so on. It’s a very broad job. Since I have joined, I’ve been given more and more responsibility and looking forward to what’s next.

What did you expect life at Resolution to be like? Has the reality lived up to your expectations?

It’s been even better than what I had expected. I have found at Resolution, on top of a stimulating and challenging job, a very diverse and cohesive team, and it has been enjoyable to work in this environment.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I find my job to be very diverse. It changes all the time depending upon what opportunity arises and how the macro-environment is evolving. It’s also intellectually stimulating and my learning curve has been significantly steeper compared to my previous job in Banking. I have been managed and mentored by people who are interested in developing me as a person and I feel very lucky to be in a company where I can grow. The culture makes a huge difference!

As an employer, what does Resolution value?

There is an emphasis on work-life balance. They also care about career development, through getting people the right exposure and experience.

Who at Resolution who best embodies the company's values and why?

Rushabh Ranavat, our head of strategy. He always makes sure people are getting the right exposure and have the right work-life balance. He also excels at being able to adapt to any corporate situation and has expertise on a range of topics from raising capital to entering new markets, conducting M&A transactions and thinking about our product strategy. He’s a man with many hats!

How has Resolution invested in your learning and development?

I get regular feedbacks about my performance and areas of developments, which have always been helpful and part of my learning curve.