We know our values, and what is important to our success. Here are some of the traits we look for in prospective employees.


Of course, we need people who possess the requisite technical skills – be that in actuarial, investment, law, risk management or other disciplines relevant to our business. It goes without saying that you will be able to demonstrate your intellect through your academic and professional achievements.

However, what we really seek are people who are also innately curious, who have an inquiring mind and an inquisitive nature. People who have a strong desire to acquire knowledge and information and who are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.


There many aspects to our business. We make acquisitions. We hone our investment strategies. We manage risk. We navigate regulations and laws. We investigate new markets.

So, while you will inevitably be attached to a team, and might be brought on board to work in a particular market, or with a particular business, you can have the opportunity to consider different geographies or areas that need your skills.

That is the nature of our business.

You will have our permission to be bold.

We will encourage you to show initiative and take control of situations. If there is no process or procedure in place, design one. If no one has clear responsibility, put your hand up. Or, better still, take ownership.

If you have capacity, and your skillset is required by another team, go for it.

We do not have layers of bureaucracy because we prefer a flat management structure. At Resolution Life, everyone makes an important contribution, and as great an impact as possible.

We work hard and efficiently, and we value achievements more than words.

Flexibility and Resourcefulness

At Resolution Life, job descriptions are meant as a guide, not an absolute. Those who thrive are the ones who embrace change and are willing to pitch in whenever needed.

Our business is fast-paced and sometimes we have to change direction quickly. That is why we seek candidates who are resourceful and demonstrate a high degree of flexibility.

If we offer you a role, it is because you have outstanding credentials and experience – and great potential. You will understand where you fit and how you can work in relation to everyone else. As for how you actually spend your time, that will be largely up to you. As most of our job openings are being recruited for the first time in our business, a role is often what the successful candidate makes of it.


Resilience is a defining characteristic of people who deal well with a modern workplace. Resilience will equip you to cope with change and challenges, deadlines and competing demands. It will help you to perform under pressure.

In addition to seeking out confident and optimistic people, we also make a point of helping our employees to build resilience by focusing on their behaviours, thoughts and actions.

We do not dwell on failure but make a point of celebrating success.

If you desire structure and routine, we might not be the right fit for you. But if you see challenges as opportunities, and flourish when out of your comfort zone, you will likely feel right at 能买比特币的平台home.


During the recruitment process, we challenge prospective employees to tell us why they are interested in joining our company. And from time to time we ask our employees to reflect on what first attracted them to Resolution Life.

In both scenarios, the responses are overwhelmingly consistent.

Talented people are attracted to our brand, and the reputation and track record of our executives, board and management team.

They understand and are passionate about our industry.

And they crave being a part of something new. Of creating something great. We love that. We want people who share our passion.

Join our team

We are always on the lookout for talented people. Check out our current job openings or send us your CV and tell us why you think Resolution Life is for you.