Our vision is to be a safe and reliable partner for insurers as they restructure, and a global manager of legacy life insurance portfolios.


Many of our executive team have worked in the life insurance industry for years. We therefore know what we stand for and the principles that drive our business.

Here are some of the values which guide our decision making and underpin our behaviours. You can learn more about our culture and the qualities we seek by visiting our Careers pages.


As a business, and as individuals, we act with honour. We are truthful and dependable. We look to every member of our team to demonstrate sound ethical principles.


We are progressive thinkers. We embrace change and innovation, even when it disrupts standard industry practice.


As the life insurance industry changes, we have created a dynamic business. We must be agile in order to adapt and succeed.


We are driven by more than the pursuit of investor returns. We are passionate about life insurance and the long-term commitment we have made to our customers. They have entrusted us with being there in their times of need, even if it is 50 years in the future.


Our diversity is what unites us, what makes us strong. When we work together as a team, we are confident in our ability to solve any problem.